February 6, 2002

Our meeting this month was particularly exciting.  Our architect has provided us with cost estimates for opening the first floor of the museum to the public.  She thinks that this will require about $199,000.  Since we now have $133,000 in the bank, we appear to be well on our way to accomplishing this goal.  Now it is time to ask for substantial help from some of the larger foundations.

Immediately following the meeting we submitted requests to the O’Quinn Foundation ($500,000) and the Brown Foundation ($100,000).  Requests to the Meadows Foundation ($100,000) and the Austin Community Foundation ($30,000) have been drafted and will be submitted within the next few days.

The construction committee has not yet met to consider the plans submitted by the structural engineer, but individual members of that committee have been meeting and making recommendations.  Curtis Briggs gave us a brief report on their efforts and indicated that members of the committee will be meeting with our architect in the next few days to consider what modifications might be requested before proceeding.

Mr. Cunningham has made contact with key persons at the University in an attempt to establish a stronger base of support.  He has clearly made some progress in this effort as evidenced be a new letter of support from the University.  It appears that his contacts are also producing a greater level of interest on the part of the Alumni Association.

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