March 6, 2002

Our meeting this Monday was one of the quickest on record.  There was a great deal to report, but the meeting was informational in nature rather than involving extended discussion.

The treasurer’s report stated that our bank balance stood at $132,929.  It was reported that income tax forms for the museum for 2001 have been submitted.  Most importantly, our provisional 501(c)(3) status has ended and we have received our “final determination” letter from the IRS!  Our tax status is now permanent unless we behave in some quite unseemly manner (which we have no intention of doing).

Within the past month five grant applications have been submitted.  We will not know if any will be funded for at least two more months.  Meanwhile we will continue to go forward so that we will be prepared to move quickly whenever additional funds become available.

The Cables have been working very hard to prepare a new edition of our newsletter.  We have been so busy with the external renovations of our building that we have not kept our members abreast of our progress.  It appears that our newsletter will be distributed before our April meeting, and will provide a good summary of what has been done during the last year as well as our plans for the future.

The bulk of our time was taken up with a discussion of construction plans.  One of our members, Curtis Briggs, is a general contractor who has taken an active interest in advancing our building renovation.  Together with our architect he has developed a plan for the next stage of the process.  Within the next few days they will meet with the structural engineer and the civil engineer to refine the plan.  The board authorized them to proceed with the proposed renovation stage (at a cost not to exceed $55,000), subject to the approval of our construction committee.  At the conclusion of this stage it is expected that the existing rear wall of the building will have been removed, a new rear wall put in place which will enclose an additional 27 feet already under roof, and a slab poured to provide a floor for the building.

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