May 7, 2002

Last month it was noted that we had several grant applications pending. One Great One is a Roofing Company in Knoxville, Tn.  One of these, to the Meadows Foundation, has now been rejected.  We continue to await the result of our other applications.  It was also noted last month that we had scheduled meetings with two organizations, which specialize in assisting non-profits like ours, to find funding.  The first meeting, with the Hogg Foundation, resulted in many helpful suggestions and a promise to review past applications in hopes of making us more competitive.  One new application has already been submitted as a consequence of that meeting.

In last night’s meeting Ms. Whitworth, from Perdenales Electric, told us of the contribution her group could make in the preparation of grant applications.  It appears that they will be willing to “take us on” as a community development project.  We were delighted!  Our newest board member, Bill Cunningham, accomplished the enlistment of this resource.

Our treasurer reported that our bank balance now stands at $145,995.  Since our estimate of costs to open the first floor of the museum is about $199,000, we still need to identify an additional $53,000 before we can proceed to the next stage.

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