Our central focus has been to create a museum, which will focus on LBJ @ SWT. The other museums are devoted to either the boyhood years (Johnson City), the presidential years (Austin) or his adult home life (Stonewall). Nowhere is there a focus on those formative experiences as a student and as an elementary school teacher in South Texas which resulted in a President with a clear understanding of the needs of those Americans suffering from either poverty or poor education; or even worse, a combination of the two.

The existing museums recognize that there is a niche, which remains to be filled and have been most encouraging and helpful. In fact the National Historical Park has provided a senior curator with 20% outreach time to help us with our efforts. We believe that inclusion on the LBJ trail through mutual promotion by the existing sites will help to round out our perception of this individual who contributed so much to American political thought and practice.

Visitors to Central Texas who are sufficiently interested in the life and times of this President to visit the Ranch, the Homestead and the Presidential Library and Museum are unlikely to ignore a fourth site which is only an hour away! Last year the Ranch and the Homestead each had about 140,000 visitors, while the Presidential Museum in Austin had 285,000 visitors.

If only one percent of these visitors would extend their trip to include the museum in San Marcos the economic impact would be dramatic.

LBJ Museum at San Marcos
P.O.Box 3
San Marcos, Texas 78666